Mi-171 Helicopter in VIP Version of Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant JSC Production Will Be Exhibited at MAKS-2009 Air Show.
(Source: Ulan-Ude; issued August 4, 2009)
Mi-171 helicopter in VIP-version will be exhibited at MAKS-2009 air show. The helicopter is produced by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and operated by Russian company RusJet. Ulan-Ude Aviation plant is integrated into helicopter holding company Russian Helicopters JSC.

VIP-compartment of the helicopter developed in accordance with individual customer's design, provides all conditions for work and rest for nine passengers. The passenger cabin of Mi-171 helicopter has comfortable armchairs and sofas, folding tables. The VIP interior is furnished by high quality materials including genuine leather, veneer sheet of fine wood. The cabin is equipped with satellite communication system and system of multimedia entertainment (including audio and video systems). Mi-171 helicopter in VIP version also has air conditioning system, buffet, wardrobe, luggage compartment and lavatory. There are left and rear entrance stairs for passenger loading.

Modern flight and navigation equipment of leading west and Russian manufacturers is installed on Mi-171 helicopter; the equipment includes weather radar, GPS, transponder, distance measuring equipment, encoding altimeter and other.

In recent years, a sustained growth in demand for VIP helicopter produced in Ulan-Ude is observed. They are being operated both in Russia and in foreign countries. The circle of VIP persons which these helicopters are made for is wide enough: heads of government, civil and military officials of high rank, bankers, business persons, etc. Commodious and comfortable VIP-compartment, availability of up-to-date equipment, high standards of flight safety, machine reliability are emphasized by the operators as undeniable advantages of the helicopter.

Within the last few years UUAP has produced and delivered about 30 Mi-171 helicopters in VIP-version.

Mi-171 helicopter meets high flight safety requirements and has Type Certificate No.90-171 issued by Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee that helicopter structure fully conforms to Aviation Rules AP-29.


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