Romania Tightens Up Its Borders With UK Export Help
(Source : UK Export Credit Guarantee Department; issued July 10, 2002)

Romania's border controls are set to be tightened using cutting-edge technology developed in the UK by BAE Systems in a deal backed by the Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD).

The Romanian Ministry for the Interior will be using Mobile Surveillance Vehicles (MSVs), hand-held thermal imagers and night vision binoculars to bring their borders up to European Union (EU) standards, a move essential to their future hopes of joining the EU.

The £7.6 million order was underwritten with the ECGD as lead insurer following the resumption of UK Government cover to Romania earlier this year.

Baroness Symons, Minister for International Trade, said: "I am very pleased to see UK exporters such as BAE Systems continuing to win overseas contracts with ECGD support in what is a highly competitive market.

"The provision of surveillance and night vision equipment to Romania will involve a high transfer of technology from BAE Systems and a number of smaller UK companies, ultimately forming a crucial part of their state border control."

Prime contractor BAE Systems Avionics, based in Plymouth, converts standard Volkswagen T4 vans into MSVs by adding a range of specialist imaging and communications devices. The attention to detail extends to altering the seats for comfort and providing insulation and air conditioning for extended missions.

Bob Hughes, Sales Director of BAE Systems, Plymouth, said: "This is an excellent initial order to supply a mobile surveillance capability to Romania to help protect its borders as required by the Schengen

"The order was facilitated by a significant level of financial advice and the availability of a suitable credit package from ECGD."

BAE Systems will also manage ongoing training for Romanian patrol staff and provide mechanical support for the equipment. Other UK suppliers benefiting from the contract include Instro Precision Ltd. of Broadstairs, Kent, and Thales Optronics Ltd.

1. The Romanian order with BAE Systems, secured by a loan from Deutsche Bank, was underwritten by ECGD in conjunction with the German and Italian Export Credit Agencies (Hermes and SACE).

2. The Schengen Agreement came into force in 1995 and allows countries to remove their internal border controls, allowing people to travel without checks through countries that have signed up to it. Romania is not part of the Schengen Agreement, but will have to meet its requirements in order to join the EU.

3. ECGD, the Export Credits Guarantee Department, is the UK's export credit agency. We are a separate Government Department reporting to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. We have more than 80 years' experience of working closely with exporters, project sponsors, banks and buyers to help UK exporters of capital equipment and project-related goods and services. We do this by providing:
-- Insurance against non-payment to UK exporters, and
-- Help in arranging finance packages for buyers of UK goods by guaranteeing bank loans, and
--Overseas Investment Insurance - a facility that gives UK investors up to 15 years' insurance against political risks. (ends)

BAE Systems MSVs To Protect Romania's Borders

BAE Systems MSVs To Protect Romania's Borders
(Source : BAE Systems ; issued July 10, 2002)

BAESystems Avionics has been awarded a contract to supply 35 Mobile Surveillance Vehicles (MSVs) to the Romanian Ministry of the Interior. The vehicles will be used to help ensure the integrity of Romania's borders against any illegal incursion as the country prepares to apply for membership of the European Union.

The overall contract, worth in excess of ¤10 million, has been supported by Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD) backed finance, and also provides for the purchase of BINO MIDI KITE binocular image intensifiers and SOPHIE Hand-held Thermal Imagers, both to be supplied by Thales Optronics Ltd.

BAE Systems MSVs were selected by the Romanian Ministry of the Interior in 2000 following a competitive tender, and it was resumption of ECGD cover for Romania which enabled the contract to become effective early this year.

The project to supply the MSVs will be managed by BAE Systems Avionics in Plymouth, with conversion of the VW vehicles, and installation of equipment to be carried out in Germany.

MSVs have been designed in conjunction with customs and border patrol authorities to offer day and night covert surveillance using a thermal imaging camera controlled from inside the vehicle. As such they are a key contributor to implementation of the Schengen Agreement, which seeks to maintain the integrity of the borders of European Union countries, both current and future, and other states which are part of the Schengen accord.

In addition to BAE Systems at Plymouth, other UK suppliers who will benefit from this contract include Instro Precision Limited at Broadstairs, Kent, who provide the camera pan and tilt head, and Thales Optronics Ltd.

BAE Systems employs nearly 100,000 people including Joint Ventures, and has annual sales of around £13 billion. The company offers a global capability in air, sea, land and space with a world-class prime contracting ability supported by a range of key skills. BAE Systems designs, manufactures and supports military aircraft, surface ships, submarines, space systems, radar, avionics, communications, electronics, guided weapon systems and a range of other defence products.


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