Construction of New Support Vessel to Proceed
(Source: Netherlands Ministry of Defence; issued Dec. 8, 2009)
(Issued in Dutch only; unofficial translation by
The Lower House of Parliament today approved the construction of a new support vessel for the Royal Netherlands Navy. A majority of MPs gave approval to the project, after earlier resistance due to a budget overrun was overcome.
The tasks of the so-called Joint Logistics Support Ship (JSS) are to carry supplies at sea, sea basing and strategic sea lift. The former task is to base a ship at sea for conducting and supporting operations on land.

The ship, with a length of 190 meter and a width of approximately 30 meters, will be equipped with a crane and an elevator capable of lifting heavy equipment.

The ship is big enough to transport Leopard 2 battle tanks, self-propelled guns and Chinook helicopters. It will also have a rear landing deck for helicopters, and a hospital with two operating rooms.

In a few years, the JSS will replace the supply ship HMLS Zuiderkruis.


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