Terma Completes Romanian Offset Program
(Source: Terma A/S; issued Feb. 8, 2010)
In December 2006, Terma was awarded a contract by the Romanian Navy to deliver a command and control system for the Romanian Marasesti Frigate.

Terma has now successfully completed the industrial cooperation program for the Romanian Marasesti Frigate. Terma’s “C-Flex” Command and Control System offers a scalable and competitive NATO compliant solution.

As part of the cooperation with the Romanian Navy, Terma has now implemented not only a new command and control system on the frigate, but also a new shore-based training system that supports the seamen in realistic training of naval command and control including the NATO link system.

This achievement, reached ahead of schedule and exceeding the obligation, demonstrates Terma’s continued success in meeting its industrial cooperation commitments. Terma entered an offset agreement with the Romanian Office for Offsetting Special Technique Procurements (OCATS) for the fulfilment of the offset obligation from March 2007 and until March 2010. Terma has successfully implemented industrial participation programs in several countries over the past 15 years.

"It has been a great pleasure to cooperate with OCATS and great Romanian companies. For Terma, it is very important to work closely with the national offset authorities in order to understand the intent of the offset requirements as defined by the government. After three months of fruitful dialog with OCATS and selected Romanian companies, we were able to sign the offset agreement between the parties," says Michael Rasmussen, Director of Industrial Cooperation. “We are very proud to finish ahead of schedule and look forward to working in Romania during the coming years”.

The main content of the Terma offset program included the two Romanian companies Navtron and Syscom 18 Srl. The two companies have a long lasting track record with the Romanian Navy. In addition, the cooperation with well-known, international hi-tech company Terma has provided a long-lasting experience in modern procedures for hardware development as well as hardware and software testing in order to become even more competitive within the defense market.


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