Lack of Officers Forces Soldiers to Go on Leave
(Source: Swedish Radio Corp.; issued Oct. 11, 2010)
A lack of trained officers within the Swedish Armed Forces has meant that 34 trainee helicopter pilots have been forced to go on leave from the military base in Linköping, a few hours south west of Stockholm.

Three of the teachers on the military base had to move to Kalix, in the far north, to train soldiers who are going over to Afghanistan and there are not enough trained teachers left in Linköping, newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported Friday. The soldiers will be on paid leave for at least one week and will not resume their training until the officers return from Kalix three weeks from now.

According to Nina Karlsson, at the military base in Linköping, the main problem is a lack of experienced teachers.

“We have officers here but when the soldiers are going to do more advanced practices there is a need for more experienced officers.”


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