Netherlands Ministry of Defence Today Signed a Contract with the Estonian Defence Forces
(Source: Estonian Ministry of Defence; dated Sept. 7, 2010)
(Issued in Estonian only; unofficial translation by
The Netherlands will sell 81 Sisu XW-188 wheeled armored vehicles operated by the Dutch Army to Estonia, which will deploy them to Afghanistan. (Estonian MoD photo)
Department of Defense Deputy Undersecretary for Defence Investment Marran Mikk and Dutch Defence Procurement Agency Director Lex Hendrichsi today signed a contract for the Netherlands to supply a total of 81 armored transport vehicles to Estonia by 2015.

The first batch of new armored vehicles transferred to the Estonian troops in Afghanistan will be operational in the coming months.

The Sisu XA-188 wheeled armoured vehicles being acquired are broadly similar to the Sisu XA-180ESTs that Estonia bought in 2004. Sixty of these armored vehicles were procured from Finland, and this will facilitates the introduction of new armored vehicles, in terms of maintenance and repairs.

However, the new XA-188 vehicles are vastly improved, and provide better protection for soldiers against small arms, mines and improvised explosive devices.

These armored vehicles were manufactured in Finland during the years 1998-1999, and they will undergo maintenance and repair in the Netherlands before delivery.

The contractual acquisition price is 320 million Estonian kroons, which will be paid in accordance with deliveries between 2011 and 2015.

The procurement of these armoured vehicles completes one of the objectives of the Defence Development Plan 2009-2018, namely increasing the number of armoured vehicles of the 1st Brigade.


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