Thailand Buys Two New UH-60Ms
(Source: Forecast International; issued October 4, 2011)
BANGKOK --- The Thai government has approved the purchase of two UH-60M helicopters. The original proposal was for the purchase of three UH- 60L Black Hawk helicopters, but the UH-60L model had gone out of production.

The Army then settled on the more expensive UH-60M model, but the budget could allow buying only two of this model.

The overall budget for purchasing these helicopters was set at THB2.84 billion ($91.2 million). Of the total cost, THB570 million was allocated from the 2011 budget, THB789 million will be drawn from the 2012 budget, and THB1.482 billion will come from the 2013 budget.

The purchase of new helicopters for the Thai armed forces has taken on increased urgency following the loss of three helicopters in quick succession during July 2011.


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