Eurocopter Delivers Today the First NH90 TTH Qualified in its Final Operational Configuration (FOC)
(Source: Eurocopter; issued January 30, 2012)
(See Editor’s note at bottom)
French Defense Minister Gérard Longuet announced France would order a second batch of 34 NH90 tactical transport helicopters, at well over 20 million euros each. (EC photo)
MARIGNANE, France --- During a visit by the French Defense Minister Gérard Longuet to its facilities in Marignane, Eurocopter officially delivered the first NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter (TTH) qualified in its final operational configuration to the French armament procurement agency today.

This initial on-time delivery comes on the heels of the qualification issued by the NAHEMA countries last November for the French NH90 TTH in its final operational configuration. The helicopter delivered today to the DGA will be handed over to the French Army Air Corps (ALAT), which will be using it for the tactical transport missions it was specifically designed to perform.

“The delivery of the first NH90 TTH in its final operational configuration is the culmination of the most important helicopter program ever launched in Europe,” declared Lutz Bertling, president and CEO of Eurocopter, which is one of the companies that make up the NHI consortium responsible for managing the NH90 program. “Eurocopter and its partners are extremely proud of this achievement. With its exceptional operational capabilities, we are convinced that this helicopter will successfully meet the needs of the French armed forces.”

France has ordered a total of 34 NH90 TTH helicopters, with an additional 34 on option, to progressively replace the Pumas currently in service for the ALAT.

The next-generation NH90 TTH has been designed to perform a wide range of missions - even the most demanding, such as utility transportation and logistics, combat search and rescue (RESCO), medical evacuations, special forces operations and anti-terrorism.

In its final operational configuration, the NH90 is equipped with field-tested avionics that enable the helicopter to carry out its missions both day and night with no major restrictions. It also has high-performance self-protection equipment, an interoperable military communication system for international operations, and equipment for ship-based deployment.

Established in 1992, the Franco-German-Spanish Eurocopter Group is a division of EADS, a world leader in aerospace and defense-related services. The Eurocopter Group employs approximately 20,000 people. In 2011, Eurocopter confirmed its position as the world’s number one helicopter manufacturer with a turnover of 5.4 billion Euros, orders for 457 new helicopters and a 43 percent market share in the civil and parapublic sectors.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Defense Minister Gérard Longuet announced during his speech that France is to order a second batch of 34 NH90 tactical transport helicopters for the French army, in addition to the 34 army versions and the 27 NFH navy versions already on order.
Both are known as Caiman in French service.
Longuet later told that the order is to be formally awarded “in a matter of days,” at a unit cost “of the order of 20 million euros each.” With spares and support, the contract’s value could easily exceed 800 million euros.
The first French army regiment equipped with the NH90 will be fully operational in 2013, according to a senior Army representative attending the ceremony.
Longuet also added that the French government has decided to advance about 500 million euros to help Eurocopter develop its new X-4 family of helicopters, and to develop a range of new technologies for the next generation of helicopters.)

France Receives Its First NH90 TTH
(Source: NH Industries; issued Jan. 30, 2012)
NHI is pleased to announce the delivery of the first NH90 tactical transport helicopter to the French DGA (Delegation Générale de l’Armement). This event took place according to the contractual schedule, in Marignane Eurocopter facility, where the helicopter has been produced.

The NH90 TTH delivered is the first FOC (Final Operational Capability) qualified standard delivered to a NAHEMA member. It is the first aircraft of a batch of 34 helicopters ordered in 2007 to replace the venerable Pumas in the ALAT (French Army Aviation).

When delivered, the NH90 TTH Caiman will join the Gamstat unit in Valence, where it will be used for training and evaluation.

For the French Army, the NH90 represent quantum leap in terms of versatility and technology. They will cover a wide spectrum of missions such as Utility, transport, Combat Search and Rescue, Medical Evacuation, special operations and counter terrorism operations.

The NH90 features a fully integrated weapon system enabling the helicopter to fly in the most demanding operational conditions by day or night. The NH90 TTH is fitted with a complete self-protection suite and a NATO interoperable communication system for international operations. It can operate from ground bases or military ships.

The NH90 is the most successful European helicopter programme ever. Firm orders have been placed by 14 countries including France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, Spain and Belgium in Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Oman overseas.

The NH90, developed in the TTH utility transport and NFH naval versions, proves the ideal solution to meet requirements from many potential additional customers worldwide for a number of duties. The NH90 programme is managed by NAHEMA (NATO Helicopter Management Agency) representing France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Portugal, and by the NHIndustries industrial consortium comprising AgustaWestland (32%), Eurocopter (62.5%), Fokker (5.5%).



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