Russian Ministry of Defence and Irkut Corporation Signed the Contract on Su-30SM Fighters Delivery
(Source: Irkut; issued March 22, 2012)
The latest Su-30SM two-seat fighters ordered for the Russian air force are fitted with vectoring nozzles, and can be used for training as well as combat. (UAC photo)
Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and President of Irkut Corporation Alexey Fedorov, have signed the contract on Su-30SM multirole fighters delivery for the Russian Armed Forces.

Under the contract, Irkut Corporation will supply to the Defence Ministry 30 aircraft of this type by 2015.

Anatoly Serdyukov noted that upcoming entry of the modern two-seat super-manoeuverable aircraft into the Russian Armed Forces significantly increase the combat power of the Russian Air Force. Moreover, technical capabilities of the fighter allow achieving a higher level of pilot trainings, which is especially important due to the increase in procurement of new-generation combat aircraft.

Alexey Fedorov said that Irkut Corporation working closely with the Sukhoi company will do its best for timely implementation of the State contract for the supply of fighters. Well-regulated large-scale production of Su-30 fighters of various modifications provides high quality of aircraft manufactured by the Corporation, both for the Russian Air Force and for export.

Multirole Su-30SM fighter – designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau continues the line of Su-30MKI combat aircraft family. These fighters, serially manufactured by the Irkutsk Aviation Plant – branch of JSC Irkut Corporation, successfully compete in the global market with modern aircraft of foreign manufacture. (ends)

Russia Orders 30 Su-30SM Fighters
(Source: RIA-Novosti; published March 22, 2012)
Russia's Defense Ministry has signed an order with aircraft-maker Irkut for 30 Su-30SM multirole fighter aircraft, a military spokesman said on Thursday.

"According to the contract, the company will deliver 30 of these aircraft to the Russian Defense Ministry by 2015," he said. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

The Su-30SM is a two-seat derivative of the earlier Su-27UB and the MKI variant supplied to India, and is capable of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions with a wide variety of precision-guided munitions. The aircraft features thrust-vectoring engines to enhance manoeuvrability.

In August 2011, Irkut said it would deliver 40 Su-30SM aircraft to the Defense Ministry including 28 for the Air Force and 12 for the Russian Navy, replacing Su-24s in the strike-attack role, according to


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