AgustaWestland Wins First Wildcat Export Deal with South Korea (excerpt)
(Source: Bloomberg; published Jan. 15, 2013)
AgustaWestland’s AW159 Wildcat has beaten the Sikorsky MH-60R for an eight-aircraft order for the Korean Navy. This is Wildcat’s first export sale. (UK MoD photo)
Finmeccanica SpA’s AgustaWestland has won a first export order for the AW159 Wildcat after South Korea said it would buy eight of the helicopters to strengthen its navy’s ability to combat ships and submarines.

South Korea will receive four Wildcats in 2015 and four more in 2016 under a 589 billion won ($560 million) deal, the government’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration said in a statement. A team of United Technologies Corp.’s Sikorsky helicopter arm and Lockheed Martin Corp., offering the MH-60R used by the U.S. Navy, was the losing bidder, DAPA said.

AgustaWestland and its U.S. rival are battling over one of the hot markets for military exports as countries from Europe to Asia look for ways to improve their ability to protect vital sea lanes. South Korea has had several naval standoffs with North Korea in recent years, driving interest in strengthening its defenses.

“The maritime helicopter will be able to carry out a variety of missions,” DAPA spokesman Baek Youn Hyeong told reporters in Seoul. “It expands our capabilities against suspicious enemy ships and submarines,” and can be used for anti-terrorism operations, he said.

U.S. bidders in South Korea often have an advantage because of the close military alliance between the countries. In terms of interoperability, often a deciding factor in South Korean competitions, the MH-60R scored better than the Wildcat, said Kim Seung Bok, director of maritime aircraft. However, the Wildcat offer was more compelling overall, he said.

Operational Suitability

The AW159 came out ahead on cost, operational suitability and other contractual elements, Baek said. Negotiating industrial and technology returns that AgustaWestland will deliver to South Korea delayed the contract announcement, he said. (end of excerpt)

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