New Vehicle Integration for Protector RWS from Kongsberg
(Source: Kongsberg; issued September 10, 2013)
LONDON --- Kongsberg will deliver Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) to BAE Systems Hägglunds as part of their all-terrain vehicle BVs10 delivery to the French Armed Forces. This new vehicle integration for the market leader Protector will provide additional protection for soldiers operating these platforms.

Deliveries of the systems are expected to start in Q1 2014. Kongsberg has had a strong relationship, and a long history with both BAE Systems Hägglunds and France, and consider this new contract a confirmation of the established partnerships, as well as an opportunity to continue to deliver world class products to both.

“Being the world’s largest producer of Remote Weapon Stations, it is exciting to be integrated onto a new vehicle platform,” says Espen Henriksen, President of Kongsberg Protech Systems. “France is an important market for us, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with both of these customers.”

The BVs10 is a fully amphibious, armoured all-terrain vehicle produced by BAE Systems Hägglunds.

Since the vehicle can operate in all types of environmental conditions such as extreme cold and snow, in water, extremely hot deserts, and deep forests, it requires a system that can handle even the most extreme conditions. The Protector Remote Weapon Station is designed for small and medium caliber weapons and can be installed on any type of platform. It is a fully stabilized, combat proven system qualified for global operations. Kongsberg has delivered more than 17 000 RWSs to its 17customer nations.

Kongsberg is an international, knowledge-based group that supplies high-technology systems and solutions to customers engaged in the oil and gas industry, the merchant marine industry, and the defence and aerospace industries. In 2012, the Group had operating revenues of NOK 15.7 billion, and it currently has some 7 400 co-workers in more than 25 countries. (ends)

The Sea Protector MK50 Supporting the U. S. Navy
(Source: Kongsberg; issued September 11, 2013)
LONDON --- In April 2013, the U.S. Navy announced the order of a marinized version of the M153 Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) from Kongsberg Protech Systems to fulfill requirements for its remotely operated Stabilized Small Arms Mount (SSAM) weapon systems program.

The Sea Protector MK50 has been undergoing testing this fall and features the latest technology from Kongsberg, such as the VIS95 day camera providing enhanced situational awareness, as well as compatibility for an array of ammunition and weapons

Equipped with Sea Protector, increased naval dominance will be achieved over opposing forces. On Interceptors and small patrol boats, the Sea Protector serves as the main armament. On ships, it provides self-defence and increased capability to counter asymmetric threats while at sea or in harbors.

In the release that was distributed earlier this spring, Mr. Rune Johannessen, VP of Business Development said:

“The marinized version of the Protector M153 CROWS is a platform that takes all of the lessons from years of combat service in Iraq and Afghanistan with the land forces and brings them to the U.S. Navy. The system increases engagement effectiveness and offers unmatched deployment flexibility across platforms and in any environment.”

By optimizing the Protector M153 CROWS for naval operations, the Navy is selecting a combat-proven system that has been delivered on-time and on-budget since 2007 by Kongsberg.


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