Signed In Turkey the Contract for the construction of A Ship Based on the “Juan Carlos I”
(Source: Navantia; issued May 7, 2015)
On 7th May, during IDEF 2015, the defence exhibition in Istanbul, the Turkish shipyard SEDEF has signed a contract with the SSM for the design and construction of one LPD ship for the Turkish Navy.

Navantia participates in this contract as a technological partner.

Navantia will provide the design, transfer of technology, equipments and technical assistance to SEDEF for local construction. The design, based on the LHD “Juan Carlos I” for the Spanish Navy, is adapted to the Turkish Navy requirements, having the advantage of being a tested ship with excellent performance since commissioning.

Navantia will also provide several components and systems, as the engines and the IPMS (Integrated Platform Management System).

The selection of the design was announced on 27th. December 2013 and the commissioning of the ship is scheduled for 2021.

Navantia has also a contract for two similar ships in Australia, the “Canberra”, already commissioned and the “Adelaide”, to be commissioned in the last quarter of 2015.

Last, this contract means the entrance of Navantia in the Turkish market, where has opened an office in 2013 and is also involved in the anti-air frigates program, as well as the consolidation of Navantia as a reference in the LHD market.


Turkey Agrees to $1 Billion Deal with Turkish Shipyard Sedef for Construction of LPD
(Source: Forecast International; issued May 10, 2015)
ANKARA --- The Turkish government announced on May 10 that a deal worth almost $1 billion had been signed between state defense procurement agency, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM), and local shipyard, Sedef, for construction of the country's first Landing Platform Dock (LPD).

The SSM down-selected Sedef as its preferred supplier for the new ship in December 2013, after having earlier issued a Request for Proposals (RfP) in February 2010. Sedef is partnering with Spanish shipyard, Navantia, on the project, which will see the 231-meter-long vessel constructed by 2021.

The total requirement is for one LPD with four helicopter landing spots, hangar space for four helicopters, plus a flooding deck aft for either two Landing Craft Air Cushion hovercraft or four Landing Craft Mechanized. The dock is expected to be able to deploy up to 1,200 personnel, 8 utility helicopters, 3 UAVs, and up to 150 vehicles, including tanks.

The LPD will be used by the Turkish Navy to transport, land, and sustain a battalion-size force in the Mediterranean, Aegean, or Black Sea regions, as well as operations on the Atlantic and Indian oceans. It may also act in a secondary role as a humanitarian relief ship.


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