Italy, Netherlands Team On Naval Artillery
(Source: OTO Melara; issued April 10, 2003) In Rome, at the Italian Navy Ministry of Defence, the Italian and the Dutch Navies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the collaboration in the feasibility study of a new 127mm extended range naval ammunition designed by Oto Melara, a Finmeccanica Company, acting as prime contractor.

Such an agreement, besides establishing time frames and modalities of the program development, also includes the delivery of a technological demonstrator, that is to say firing trials, in order to prove and confirm to the Italian and Dutch Navies what declared by Oto Melara in terms of performances and accuracy of the ammunition.

The agreed activities represent the first step of the Vulcano, a project for the development of a new ammunition family capable both of tracking targets of different nature at more than 100 Km of range and of being employed not only for naval purposes, but also in the 155mm calibre for land missions.

Vulcano is the answer to the operative requirements that are common to the Italian Army and Navy and the development phases have been established according to the entry in service of the new multi-mission Frigates presently under development.

The industrial team in charge of carrying out the Vulcano project includes Oto Melara as program leader, Thales and TNO/PML as main partners from Dutch side. (ends)
New 127mm Naval Gun Tested
(Source: OTO Melara; issued April 10, 2003)In the firing range of Capo Teulada, in Sardinia, the shore bombardment firing tests of the Oto Melara 127/54 Light Weight (LW) gun mount have been successfully completed.

Such trials have been carried out in the frame of a campaign of operational evaluation tests of this prototype gun, installed on the Bersagliere patrol ship Class Soldati of the Italian Navy.

The firing tests have confirmed the positive results that had already been obtained during the previous trials against air and naval targets.

Presently Oto Melara and the Italian Navy are negotiating the development, together with the VULCANO program (guided extended range ammunition), of a new version of the 127 gun with a 64mm caliber barrel in order to comply with the NATO requirement of support to the land fire (NSFS requirement).

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