First F-4E "Peace Icarus" Aircraft Rolled Out From HAI Tanagra Facility
(Source : DaimlerChrysler Aerospace ; issued March 6, 2000)

TANAGRA, Greece ---On March 3rd, 2000 the kit-proof aircraft for the new "Peace Icarus 2000" F-4E improved combat effectiveness program of the Hellenic Air Force has rolled out at Hellenic Aerospace Industry's (HAI) Tanagra facility.

The aircraft with the serial number 760 and based upon Peace Icarus II configuration, is the first one modified in Greece and the second after the successful completion of the (Peace Icarus I-standard) prototype for the upgrade program, which performed its maiden flight in Germany on April 28th, 1999.

Within the framework of the avionics upgrade contract signed between the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (Dasa, Munich) on August 11th, 1997, a total of 39 F-4E (29 Peace Icarus I standard, and ten Peace Icarus II aircraft) will be converted into the most powerful Phantom II combat aircraft version ever built. The joint team of HAF, HAI and Dasa now clearly demonstrated that the far-reaching modification program works well with both F-4E variants concerned.

After this roll-out, four more aircraft will have completed all retrofit work at HAI by end of April or early May 2000. Dasa expects that the entire modification program will be finalized by early 2001, fully in line with the challenging schedule planned in 1997.

Within the upgrade, the whole existing avionics system is replaced by state-of-the-art equipment, including radar, navigation and communication systems, radar altimeter, Identification Friend/Foe (IFF), mission computer, multi-color displays etc. The new hardware is accompanied by a powerful software package that ensures full exploitation of the new components installed.

But "Peace Icarus 2000" isn't unique just in terms of aircraft technologies and performance, but also in the way the modernization work is conducted. It is actually the first program in which HAF and HAI personnel participate as equal partners with Dasa during all development and testing phases. Full-scale technology transfer thus was achieved, with HAI staff having exclusively been responsible for several hard- and software modifications.

All modification kits which are required to install the new hardware into the aircraft will be produced by the Greek industry. With respect to similar projects such as the modification of Turkish F-4s, "Peace Icarus 2000" is dramatically compressed, having started one year later and with planned completion two years earlier.

The currently Dasa-based prototype is supposed to be ferried to Greece after having finished the flight test program in Germany in March 2000. At that time, the German Air Worthiness Authorities will issue the Initial Operational Clearance to certify that the aircraft fully complies with the design specifications.

Flight test reports given by Dasa and German Air Force pilots are extremely encouraging, confirming that the new avionics actually provide the "Peace Icarus 2000" aircraft with capabilities which are equal or even superior to the last third-generation aircraft. Further test flights including air-to-ground weapon release will continue in Greece, either performed by HAF alone or with Dasa assistance. Following this phase, Dasa will submit HAF the Final Operational Clearance Recommendation (FOCR), which finally will lead to FOC issued by the HAF.

"Peace Icarus 2000" will not only provide HAF with an exceptional product combining proven F-4 weapon carrying and performance capabilities with the latest, sophisticated avionics, but is also extremely beneficial for the Greek industry in terms of technology transfer and workload through the program itself and the related offset.


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