Minister of Planning Ensures Continuity of the Strategic Projects' Schedule
(Source: Brazil Ministry of Defence; issued March 8, 2017)
(Issued in Portuguese; unofficial translation by
The Brazilian Air Force’s (FAB) future aircraft, the KC-390 and Gripen NG which are under development, were the main subjects discussed between the Air Force Commander, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Nivaldo Luiz Rossato, and the Minister of Planning, Development and Management (MPDG), Dyogo Oliveira. At the meeting, which took place this Wednesday (08/03) in Brasília, other topics, such as budget and cost cutting initiatives, were also discussed.

Lt. Gen. Rossato highlighted the development of the KC-390 aircraft, the new transport aircraft being tested and manufactured jointly with Embraer, and of the Gripen NG, the future fighter program being developed in partnership with the Swedish company SAAB. "These two planes are fundamental to the future of the FAB," the general said. He added that the airlifter’s first delivery is scheduled for next year, while the arrival of the Gripen NG is scheduled for 2019.

Minister Dyogo Oliveira acknowledged the importance of these projects for the country's defense, and said that the continuity of the strategic projects would be ensured. "We will soon have a contingency fund from the federal government, but we are making a great effort so that there are no delays to the schedule of these two key projects," he added.

The Air Force Commander briefed the minister on the restructuring actions being implemented in the service, such as savings of resources, staff reductions and concentration of air assets.

"The Air Force has made a great effort to contain expenses and rationalize costs. This is very important because we are living in a time in this country where budget expansion is very limited, and it is necessary that all the organs of the government participate in this process. The Air Force has done very well," praised the minister.


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