New Equipment for the Armed Forces
(Source: Denmark Ministry of Defence; issued March 14, 2017)
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While previous Caesar operators have opted for the 6x6 version, notably because it can be airlifted, Denmark has opted for the heaver, and more heavily protected 8x8 variant, seen here during a demonstration last year. (Twitter photo)
New artillery from French Nexter, new mortars from Austrian ESL and new trucks from Scania are heading for Denmark’s Defence. This is clear after today's conciliation meeting in defense.

Defense Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen said:

"I am pleased that we now have identified the winners of the bids on new artillery, new mortars and new trucks for Defence. They are sought-after capabilities that contribute to important missions of Danish defense."

The winners of the three respective tenders were selected after thorough examination and evaluation of suppliers' offers and evaluations, respectively for artillery pieces, mortar systems and trucks.

The Caesar artillery system from French supplier NEXTER Systems has won the tender for the delivery of new artillery for the Army, which will purchase 15 CAESAR artillery pieces. With the acquisition of modern artillery systems, the army will obtain a required capability to deliver fire support.

The Austrian supplier ESL Advanced Information Technology GmbH has won the tender for delivery of a new 120 mm mortar system for the Army, which will purchase 15 mortar systems intended to be fitted to 15 of the Army's new Piranha 5 armored personnel carriers. With the acquisition of the CARDOM 10 mortar system, the Army will obtain a mobile and modern system that can provide fire support to its units.

Scania Denmark A/S, one of the largest suppliers in the global market for trucks, has won the tender for the delivery of new trucks for Defence. There is a framework agreement of 7 years, to ensure that the Defence's total requirements for trucks can be covered. There will be an initial purchase of 200 tactical trucks and 100 civilian trucks. Tactical trucks are military trucks that are all-terrain and can be armored.


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