FMV Orders New Armed Forces Joint Anti-Ship Missile
(Source: Swedish FMV; issued April 03, 2017)
The Swedish Defence Material Administration FMV has ordered a new anti-ship missile and a lifetime warranty for the existing anti-ship missiles system from the Swedish defence and security company Saab AB.

The contract signed is a development program of an anti-ship missile system in both air-launched and ship-launched configurations. The next generation anti-ship missile system will be integrated on the new Gripen E fighters and in the Visby class corvettes.

The order includes the development, integration and series production of missiles to the Visby class corvettes system and the development and integration of missiles for the Gripen E system.

The total order value amount is approximately SEK 3.2 billion. The new missiles, Rb 3+ Mk 15 for the Visby corvette system and Rb 15 F-ER (Extended Range) for the Gripen E system, will gradually be delivered. Delivery plans are designed so that no disturbance in the daily operations will occur. The systems will be operational from the mid-2020s.

The new anti-ship missiles systems´ major purpose is protect the Swedish coastline. And that is exactly what they are designed to do with improved radar, improved targeting, longer range, everything becomes sharper. The RBS 15 system was introduced in the mid-1980s but is still, and especially in the new versions, a very qualified system, says Anders Fredlund, Project Manager for the new armed forces joint anti-ship missile NGS.

– It is important for us at FMV that the order includes a lifetime warranty for the existing systems, so that no disturbance in the daily operations arises, concludes Anders Fredlund.


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