MELLS: BAAINBw Procures Additional Guided Missile Systems
(Source: Bundeswehr; issued April 21, 2017)
On 31 March the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) signed two contracts with EuroSpike GmbH to procure an additional 1,000 guided missiles and 97 launcher units of the MELLS light multi-role guided missile system. MELLS is the German name for the variant of SPIKE missiles and launchers used by the Bundeswehr.

“MELLS has been used successfully by the units and we are pleased that the supplementary procurement recently ordered will allow us to take the equipment of our servicemen and -women another step forward,” said Michael Engelmann, who signed the contracts on behalf of the government agency in his capacity as Director of Central Affairs at BAAINBw. Managing Directors Uwe Fahrenholz and Günter Lauer were present to sign the contracts on behalf of EuroSpike GmbH.

The order for supplementary equipment consists of 1,000 guided missiles and 97 launcher units, including support equipment. The order volume of the two contracts amounts to approximately 137 million euros. Standards laid down in the BAAINBw Contract Management Handbook were incorporated into the contracts to minimize the contractual risks for the public purchaser.

About 1,500 guided missiles and 16 MELLS launcher units have already been delivered to the armed forces on the basis of previous contracts. Most of the additional MELLS systems currently ordered are to be delivered to the infantry from the second half of 2018 onwards.

The company EuroSpike GmbH based in Röthenbach acts as the contractor. The system was developed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., which is also involved in the deal as a subcontractor, together with the companies Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG and Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH.

MELLS is a versatile weapon system. The MELLS guided missile can be used against armored ground targets such as main battle tanks at ranges of up to 4,000 meters. Apart from the Bundeswehr, the system is already in service in six other NATO countries and with the Israel Defense Forces.


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