Design Contract for the Vessels of the Squadron 2020 Was Signed
(Source: Finnish Defence Forces; issued April 28, 2017)
The Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command and Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) have concluded a design contract with a view to design four multirole corvettes for the Squadron 2020 project. The design contract follows the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the Defence Forces and RMC in September 2016.

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö authorised the Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command to conclude a design contract with the aim to construct the vessels for the Squadron 2020-project. The value of the contract is 7.5 million euros.

RMC is well-qualified to design vessels of a high standard in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces. The design process included in the contract further defines the vessel concept and produces the basic design material which is required for manufacturing the vessels. The contract to actually construct the vessels is scheduled to be signed in the course of 2018.

The decision to start the project Squadron 2020, which was made in the autumn of 2015, included a requirement of security of supply, which stated that the Finnish defence industry must have sufficient knowledge in the field in question, technology and production capacity for support also in the future. The possibility to receive supply, maintenance and damage repair services in the home country guarantees the usability of the vessel materiel in regular as well as in emergency conditions.

The design contract will enable RMC to create a design organization consisting of domestic and foreign companies. The most essential requirements concerning the security of supply and the most important objectives of the design organization are the following:
1. to design the vessels for Squadron 2020 in accordance with the contract,
2. to increase the existing domestic competence in military shipbuilding ,
3. to make new domestic ship designers familiar with the design of military vessels
4. to obtain the necessary special competence from abroad.

During the design process of the vessels the following capabilities and possibilities must be taken into account; the capability for surface warfare operations, the capability of naval mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare capability, command and control capabilities and the capability of staying at sea for a prolonged time in all weather and ice conditions.

In addition to minelayer, FNS Pohjanmaa, which has already been decommissioned, the vessels of the Squadron 2020 project will replace four fast attack missile craft of the Rauma class and two minelayers of the Hämeenmaa class. The total cost of the project has been estimated to be 1.2 billion euros. According to plan the first vessels will be commissioned in 2021.


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