China's Z-19E Armed Helicopter Offers Export Advantages: Military Expert
(Source: People's Daily Online; posted May 23, 2017)
By Li Yan
China’s Z-19E armed helicopter, which took its maiden flight on May 18, has major advantages over its international rivals due to its lower price point and competitive trade mode, said Chinese military expert Du Wenlong.

With a maximum take-off weight of 4,250 kilograms, the Z-19E is a light armed helicopter with impressive capabilities in cruising speed, climb rate and usable ceiling, according to its developer. The helicopter can hover, maneuver close to ground and complete low passes.

The aircraft is small and flexible, meaning it can be modified to meet the specific requirements of customers, Du pointed out. At half the price of its main rivals, such as the Eurocopter Tiger and Agusta A129 Mangusta, the Z-19E maintains an undeniable edge.

Additionally, China will provide maintenance and manufacturing technologies to countries with which it has carried out joint research and development. These services will also be available to China's arms trade partners, Du added.


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