Statement by Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces
(Source: French Ministry of the Armed Forces; issued May 07, 2018)
(Issued in French; unofficial translation by
While France and Germany are both funding the Mk 3 standard mid-life update of their Tiger attack helicopters, it is not yet known if Australia and Spain, the other two operators, will share in development or will buy the MLU off-the-shelf. (FR MoD photo)
PARIS --- On May 2, 2018, Florence Parly, minister of the armed forces, convened the ministerial investment committee, at the end of which two decisions were recorded:

The Minister has launched the development phase of the "Tiger Standard 3" helicopter program on the basis of European cooperation, and to order the fifth Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarine.

Tiger reconnaissance and attack helicopter: Launch of the Tiger Standard 3 modernization program

This decision is directly in line with the framework set by the Franco-German Defense and Security Council of 13 July 2017, during which Germany and France agreed to set up a cooperation framework for the Standard 3 of the Tiger helicopter, as well as for a joint air-to-ground tactical missile program.

A true mid-life upgrade, the "Tiger Standard 3" will maintain the Tiger weapon system competitive beyond 2040 and capable of integrating future combat systems, to develop its collaborative combat capabilities and modernize its offensive abilities. This new standard will continue to adapt the Tiger fleet to meet future threats, as decided by the Minister of the Armed Forces during the preparation of the Military Planning Act (LPM) 2019-2025.

Born in 1976 in the Franco-German letter of intent on the development of a joint combat helicopter, the Tiger attack helicopter program was carried out in cooperation with Germany and, from 2004, with Spain; it was also acquired by Australia. Since 2005, it equips the airmobile formations of the French Army. Since the announcement of its initial operational capability in 2009, the Tiger was deployed to treat the top of the threat spectrum in major theaters of operation: Afghanistan, Libya, Central African Republic, Mali.

Nuclear Attack Submarines (SNA) Barracuda: Order of the fifth boat

The 2019-2025 Military Programming Law maintains the fleet of six nuclear attack submarines. Over this period, the first four Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarines will be delivered, allowing the phasing out of the Rubis-class nuclear attack submarines now in service, as was decided the Armed Forces Minister during preparatory work for the LPM.

The Barracuda-class submarines will provide an underwater component at the world's best standards. They will broaden the capabilities of naval cruise missile (MdCN) in-depth capabilities and will enable the deployment of special forces while submerged.


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