Air2030 – Issuance of RFQs for Ground-to-Air Defense
(Source: Swiss defense procurement agency, Armasuisse; issued Sept 24, 2018)
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BERN --- Armasuisse has issued the first request for tenders for a new long-range air defense system (DSA) to government agencies in the three manufacturing countries. Armasuisse expects the offers by the end of March 2019.

On the basis of the requirements published by the Ministry of Defence on 23 March 2018, Armasuisse on 21 September 2018 issued sent the request for tender for a new long-range surface-to-air defense system to the government agencies of the three manufacturers concerned: France (Eurosam SAMP / T), Israel (Rafael David's Sling) and the United States (Raytheon Patriot).

Tenders must include the following:
-- capabilities of the proposed system
-- acquisition and product support costs
-- information and proposals for cooperation between armed forces and procurement authorities
-- indication as to the possibility of compensation

Evaluation and analysis of costs and benefits
After being contacted by their government agency, the manufacturers have the opportunity to submit their offer to Armasuisse until the end of March 2019. Armasuisse will then analyze the indications of the manufacturers using, as for the evaluation of the new combat aircraft, the criteria the following weighted assessment criteria:
-- efficiency (operational, autonomy) 55%
-- product support (ease of maintenance, autonomy in assistance) 25%
-- cooperation 10%
-- direct compensation 10%

To be able to compare the candidates, Armasuisse will compare the overall usefulness of the long-range air-to-air defense system with the costs of purchase and operation.

Armasuisse plans to test the radar detectors for each system in Switzerland by the end of summer 2019. Armasuisse will analyze the capabilities of other major components such as missiles and the control system on the basis of additional data obtained, either in Switzerland or, if necessary, in each country of manufacture.
Next steps of the Air2030 program

As in the case of the new combat aircraft, in November 2019, Armasuisse will send to the governmental organizations of the new long-range ground-to-air defense system a second request for offers, taking into account the information and data collected.

This will require manufacturers to propose to Armasuisse before the end of May 2020 the most advantageous offer possible for Switzerland. The evaluation report will be drawn up at the end of 2020 on the basis of the information provided and submitted to the Federal Council in order to decide on the model.

Long Range Surface-to-Air Defense

Since the BL-64 Bloodhound was retired in 1999, there has been a gap in long-range surface-to-air defense. A long-range ground-to-air defense system can effectively cover large areas. Some positions are sufficient to cover most of the most densely populated areas of Switzerland.

The use of both a long-range air defense system and combat aircraft in the same sector is effective and facilitates the task of combat aircraft. Long-range ground-to-air defense offers permanent protection. Depending on the situation, fighter jets can be available and ready on the ground, and only be engaged when necessary.


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