Spain Prepares An Initial Investment of €110 Million in FCAS
(Source:; posted July 28, 2019)
PARIS --- Spanish Minister of Defense Margarita Robles said last week at the Paris Air Show, after signing the MoU allowing Spain to join the French-German Future Combat Air System (FCAS), that Spain will take a 33% percent stake in the initial project, InfoDefensa reported June 27 from Madrid. This implies an initial investment initial of €110 million euros, she said.

The sum represents Spain’s share of the program’s conceptual study, which will conclude by the end of 2020, and the start of the demonstrator phase, and will be added to the €220 million already committed by France and Germany.

To date, France and Germany have already authorized funding of €65 million for the concept study contract which was due to be signed at the Paris Air Show but which will now be formalized in September. Industry, however, has been working on the study since February.

"If Spain wants to be in the same conditions, it will have to invest 110 million euros," InfoDefensa reported quoting unidentified sources, bringing the total earmark to €330 million for the three countries.

France is already working on its own analysis under a bridging contract worth €10 million euros. "The remaining €155 million, once the current study’s €65 million cost is subtracted, will be used to fund five specific studies: engine, fighter, system of systems, simulation environment and remote carriers," InfoDefensa added.

Spanish funding must be approved by the Council of Ministers, which is expected to approve a ceiling, and the initial investment of €110 million euros, which will open the doors to FCAS industrial participation.

“This step is key to the real entry of Spain into the project. As our participation is not yet defined, we do not have access to all the information. The agreement signed at the show is one step forward, but now we must by contract,” InfoDefensa said.


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