Advanced 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher Air-Bursting System
(Source : Singapore Technologies Kinetics ; dated June 19, Web-posted June 20, 2000)

Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) has embarked on the development of the next-generation 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher Air-Bursting System (40mm AGL-ABS) as a product enhancement programme to the CIS 40 AGL and 40mm High Velocity Ammunition, both of which have achieved great success in the international markets. The system will provide greater firepower in terms of higher lethality and improved accuracy.

The 40mm AGL-ABS comprises the sight system (laser ranging and acquisition of target), the muzzle base (muzzle velocity measurement and fuze programming), the gun computer (computing of firing solutions) and the programmable time-fuzed munition. The system allows the gunner to quickly and accurately acquire his target, aim the gun and fire off a number of ammunition to engage the targets.

The programmable time-fuzed munition will then explode at the precise time and distance to defeat the targets. It is particularly effective against concealed or defilade targets, that is, targets hidden behind physical barriers. The ammunition may also be programmed to burst right in front of an armoured vehicle for a total "vision kill", destroying all its optical sighting systems.

ST Kinetics will be involved in the development of the upgrade kit for the CIS 40 AGL, consisting of the electronic fire control system, the gun computer, the muzzle programming coil as well as the optical sighting system. It will also work on the 40mm AGL-Air-Bursting rounds (40mm AGL-ABM or 40mm ABM) in collaboration with Oerlikon Contraves AG who will provide the Programmable Time Base Fuze technology and the Programming Coil.


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