Greece confirms it is to join the Eurofighter Programme
(Source : Eurofighter GmbH)
(Editor's note : Dated April 30th, 1999 thi communique was released May 4th)

;Eurofighter GmbH welcomes today's confirmation by the Greek Government of their decision to join the four nation Eurofigher programme and introduce 60 to 90 aircraft into service with the Hellenic Air Force (HAF). This will provide the HAF with the world's most capable multi-role fighter aircraft and ensure their national security for decades to come. The Greek Government has already started negotiations with the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) and the Eurofighter industrial consortium earlier this month. Their intention is to finalise a contract this year.
Brian Phillipson, Managing Director of Eurofighter GmbH, commented: "Eurofighter is uniquely capable of meeting Greece's air defence requirements. It is also the most cost-effective solution for Greece. Joining the Eurofighter programme will tie the Greek Government, Air Force and Industry even more closely to NATO and Europe, bringing defence, financial and commercial benefits. Membership in the programme will enable the Greek government to actively take part in the continuous development and growth of the weapon system. It will also provide access to the programme's very advanced technologies as well as full insight into the programme's time schedules and budgets. Furthermore it will strengthen Greece's aerospace and defence industry as a long term partner in major aerospace programmes."
The Eurofighter production programme is proceeding on time and budget with manufacturing of many components and major structural elements well underway. The first production aircraft will fly in 2001 with deliveries to the four launch nations beginning in 2002.

Related communique issued by Eurofighter on April 28th :

Eurofighter expands the Envelope : Program Status

;The Eurofighter development programme has achieved a number of significant milestones. These achievements mean that approximately 90% of the complete IOC baseline configuration flight envelope has now been explored.
;- Development Aircraft 2 (DA2), one of the two British-built development aircraft, completed its 'baseline configuration' flutter trials at Mach 1.2 and 75 kts Equivalent Airspeed (EAS). At the conditions flown this equates to 800 kts True Air Speed and represents an important part of the Weapon System Development Programme Specification.
;- DA2 has also now flown to 50,000 feet. This represents an important step in the expansion of Eurofighter's high altitude capability.
;- DA2 is also now equipped with the new Aircrew Services Package (ASP) which is the standard intended for use in production aircraft. The ASP provides pressure breathing with altitude, which protects the pilot against high altitude (low-pressure) conditions as well as pressure breathing with G, which prevents G-lock.
;- DA3 has flown in Italy with fully functioning, external 1000 litre supersonic fuel tanks and with subsonic 1500 litre tanks. Previously the aircraft had flown with empty tanks, but fuel had not been transferred from the tanks in flight. The 1500 litre tank is the largest that the aircraft will carry.
;- DA3 also flew supersonic with the 1000 litre fuel tanks, reaching a maximum Mach number of 1.6. This is a major achievement for a fighter aircraft. These flights have been completed with both 2 tanks (underwing) and with three tanks (2 underwing and one centre fuselage).
;- In Germany, DA5 has now flown with the latest standard of flight control software, 'FCS 2B/1, which for the first time now includes auto-throttle and autopilot.
;- In the UK, DA4 has been flown with the same flight control software, but also with an active rear seat, which gives the occupant of the rear seat, working displays and controls. As a result the aircraft has been flown form the rear seat for the first time.
;- These two aircraft also flew with the latest version of the ECR 90 Radar. This standard is essentially the same as the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) production standard radar.
;- DA4 also flew with new production design Constant Frequency Generators (CFG) that provide the electrical power for the aircraft.


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