France and Italy To Develop SLAT Anti-Torpedo System For Surface Combatants
(Source : DCN ; Web-posted Jan. 30, 2001)

The French and Italian Ministries of Defence have signed a contract with the Euroslat consortium to develop the SLAT anti-torpedo system for surface combatants.

Euroslat brings together Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei (WASS) of Italy (50%) and French companies DCN International (33%), representing the interests of French naval prime contractor DCN, and Thomson Marconi Sonar SAS (TMS SAS) (17%).

The development effort will be divided up as follows:

**WASS will develop the countermeasures package and launch system;

**TMS SAS will develop the acoustic sensors and the detection system, and

**DCN will develop the classification and system-level software.

The contract, worth around 21 million euros, is scheduled to take 32 months to complete.

SLAT will allow surface warships to detect and classify in-coming torpedoes, then perform threat evaluation. The system software displays the optimal anti-torpedo response, including softkill effectors. SLAT interfaces with the vessel's anti-torpedo systems and countermeasures, including decoy launchers.

The first vessels to be equipped with the SLAT system will be the Charles-de-Gaulle nuclear aircraft carrier, Italy's Garibaldi aircraft carrier, and the Franco-Italian Horizon frigates.

Euroslat was set up in November 1999 to act as prime contractor for the SLAT system. The consortium has the legal status of a European economic interest grouping, or EEIG, and is based at the DCN facility in Saint-Tropez on France's Mediterranean coast.


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