Finland Receives Two MLRS Batteries
(Source: Dutch Ministry of defence; issued Jan. 13, 2006)

(Issued in Dutch only; unofficial translation by
Finland has taken over two complete batteries of the Multiple Launch Rocket system (MLRS) from the Netherlands.

The Dutch Ministry of Defence retired the two rocket systems in the middle of 2004 to save money. The sale to Finland is valued at approximately 30 million euro. The official signature of the sale contract took place today (Jan. 13) in The Hague.

An MLRS field battery comprises nine rocket systems which can each fire twelve tactical rockets with a range of 30 kilometres.

Thus, a single battery can eliminate opposition forces over an area of one square kilometre.

State Secretary Cees Van der Knaap said that, since 2003, the Netherlands have sold surplus military equipment worth 1.2 billion euros, including this latest sale to Finland.


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