Ultra Selected for UK Torpedo Defence Programme
(Source : Ultra Electronics ; issued Jan. 18, 2002)

Ultra Electronics, the UK-based aerospace and defence electronics group, announces that its Sonar & Communication Systems business has been selected for the development and production of a Surface Ship Torpedo Defence (SSTD) system for the UK Royal Navy. The system is expected to enter service in 2004.

The contract will be in two stages with the first, involving £1.1m of interim development funding, now awarded. The subsequent stage to a value of £53.0m is expected to be released in the first half of 2002, following confirmation of the programme by the Ministry of Defence.

The SSTD system detects and locates incoming torpedoes, gives tactical advice on ship manoeuvres and provides capabilities to decoy or defeat the torpedo threat. The programme will involve the supply and support of a minimum of 23 SSTD systems with work spanning a number of different Ultra divisions, including Ocean Systems, Hermes Electronics, Datel Defence and Power Magnetics & Electronics Systems.

Ultra has a long association with torpedo defence and is a market leader in the UK for underwater battlespace equipment. Ultra has been producing towed and expendable countermeasures for over 15 years. The Company was a major player in the Joint US/UK Surface Ship Torpedo Defence feasibility and demonstration programmes in the 1990's, and currently supplies countermeasures to the UK and US Navies.

Commenting on the contract, Dr Julian Blogh, Chief Executive, said:

"The Torpedo Defence programme reflects Ultra's ability to win contracts for integrated systems of ever-increasing size. It is an excellent opportunity for Ultra to combine its technologies and skills to meet the MoD's requirements in a competitive manner. I am particularly enthusiastic about the potential of this project because it involves not only a number of different Ultra divisions, but also several key international defence equipment manufacturers. Its stand-alone nature also gives the system strong export potential.

"This contract helps to consolidate Ultra's position as a strategic supplier of defence equipment. It follows other important contract wins, including the supply of HiPPAG equipment for Eurofighter, cryptographic equipment for the MoD and several important naval communications and command & control projects. Successes such as these underpin Ultra's future growth."


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