Letter from the Editor: New Home Page and Other Changes
(Source: defense-aerospace.com; issued July 3, 2006)
PARIS --- Three years after our last major make-over, we go live today with a new home-page design that, for the first time, introduces some photography as well as a more attractive layout intended to make reading an easier and more comfortable experience.

In addition, each day’s three leading news items will be highlighted at the top of the page, with a larger typeface, thus more clearly emphasising the stories we consider most newsworthy. Headlines for these lead items will, also for the first time, be accompanied by their lead sentence, providing readers with additional information without the need to open a new page.

These changes will enhance our “one glance” functionality, which allows readers to immediately spot all the latest news as well as other additions without having to scroll or “drill down” into the site.

Other, minor changes include an increase in the size of typeface used for editorial content, and greater spacing within editorial items, again with the goal of improving functionality.

However, the most visible change is undoubtedly the use of photographs. These will be either stand-alone news items in themselves, in which case they will be accompanied by a separate caption, or will illustrate a news item, in which case their caption will repeat the headline of the related story.

The guiding principle, as always, is to improve reader interface without compromising the simplicity of our design.

We welcome feedback on these changes, as well as suggestions as to other changes readers would like to see.

Please e-mail all comments and suggestions to: editor@defense-aerospace.com

We look forward to your feedback.

Giovanni de Briganti
Editor & Publisher,


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