Minister’s of National Defense Press Conference: Military Police Fights Corruption
(Source: Polish Ministry of Defence; issued June 30, 2006)
On Friday, 30 June press conference of the minister of national defence Radoslaw Sikorski took place in Warsaw, in the seat of Military Police. It was dedicated to anti-corruption activities that have been carried out by Military Police.

Maj. Gen. Boguslaw Pacek – the commander of the Military Police, Maciej Wnuk – Minister’s plenipotentiary for anti-corruption procedures and Col. Tomasz Chrabski – the Chief Military Prosecutor were present at the conference.

During the conference Maj. Gen. Boguslaw Pacek presented the activities taken up by Military Police in order to eliminate the cases of corruption among other things in such spheres as: purchasing goods and services for MOD, managing property of MOD, functioning of military administration as well as misuse of authority and privileges. Some of the corruption mechanisms that were present in discovered by Military Police procedures were shown, for example one of the biggest threats - so called “setting the tender procedures”.

Minister of national defence Radoslaw Sikorski thanked the commander of Military Police for all the efforts that have been taken up so far (not only connected with fighting corruption).

He also announced that the financial means in MOD budget for equipping the Special Units of Military Police would rise in the nearest future.


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