Alenia Aermacchi Has Signed $84 Million Contract with Nigeria for the Modernization of Twelve MB-339A Aircraft
(Source: Alenia Aermacchi; issued July 12, 2006)
ROME --- Alenia Aermacchi, a Finmeccanica company, has signed a contract with Nigeria’s Ministry of Defence for the maintenance and enhancement of the avionic suite of twelve MB-339A aircrafts, in service with Nigeria since mid ’80s.

The contract is worth 84 million dollars and covers the refurbishment of the aircraft and the upgrading of the avionic suite in addition to the supply of spares, technical assistance and training of pilots and ground crew.

The MB-339A, currently deployed at Kano, an airbase of the N.A.F., will be returned to Alenia Aermacchi for the modernization programme, in two batches of 6 aircrafts each.

This agreement has occurred within the framework of a more extended Alenia Aermacchi’s activity involving several customers of the MB-339 aircraft. The 220 units sold in the last 20 years have thus far logged more than 600.000 flight hours.

The above, confirms the excellent characteristics of the aircraft that will guarantee the Nigerian Air Force to benefit from a more cost/effective training. Besides, the aircraft service life will be increased by many years.

The obtained result is a deserved reward for Alenia Aermacchi, which confirms its presence in the international market of trainers and its ability to offer upgraded configurations to the Air Forces, to the full customers’ satisfaction.

Nigeria has been operating the MB-339 aircraft for over 25 years, and this contract with the Ministry of Defence represents a further evidence of the customer’s satisfaction and confidence in the company’s capabilities, thanks to the advanced quality and efficiency standard used.


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