MoD Publishes Annual Report and Accounts 2005 - 2006
(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued July 14, 2006)
MoD's Annual Report and Accounts were published today by Secretary of State for Defence, Des Browne. Once again the National Audit Office has approved them without qualification showing the Department is firmly in charge of its finances.

Secretary of State for Defence, Des Browne said:

“It was a great privilege to become Secretary of State for Defence in May. Since being appointed I have seen the Armed Forces at work in Iraq, Afghanistan and the UK. I am hugely impressed by their attitude, skills and determination. They are a force for good at home and overseas and this report shows they have delivered on the full range of tasks and operations we ask of them.”

The report highlights progress towards the 'Delivering Security in a Changing World: Future Capabilities' programme of Defence modernisation and reform that is crucial as we equip our forces for the challenges of the 21st Century. Thanks to these changes substantial additional resources are becoming available to support the front line.

It also reflects that 2005-06 has been an extremely demanding year. British forces have made an immense contribution around the world. As well as in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have helped maintain progress and stability in the Balkans and Africa, and provided security for the UK's overseas territories. At home we continue to support the civil authorities, including search and rescue, fisheries protection and explosive ordnance disposal.


1. The MoD, like all Government Departments, provides an annual report to Parliament on its overall performance. This is combined with the Departmental Resource Accounts in the Annual Report and Accounts, comparable to a company's annual report and accounts. This is complemented by the parallel publication of the MoD's Government Expenditure Plans which sets out plans for Defence expenditure for the two years 2006-07 to 2007-08, as set in Spending Review 2004.

2. We are publishing our report and accounts before the summer recess for the first time this year as required by the Government's programme for faster closing of its accounts.

3. The National Audit Office has approved MoD's accounts without qualification for the third year running.

4. In order to give a comprehensive insight into Defence activities over the past year our Public Opinion Survey is also being made available on the MOD Web-site today.


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