EADS Technology Protects Georgian VIP Helicopters
(Source: EADS; issued July 18, 2006)
LONDON --- EADS will equip four VIP helicopters of the Georgian government with its Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS). As reported by EADS Defence Electronics during Farnborough Airshow, the helicopters of the types EC145 and 155, Mi-17 and Mi-8 will be equipped with an integrated protection system consisting of MILDS AN/AAR-60 missile warning system, counter measures dispensers and a central control and display unit.

AMPS is an autonomous system, primarily designed for the stand alone operation on helicopters and wide-body aircraft without a complex electronic warfare suite onboard. It consists of a small number of components, does not need any interface to the aircraft's avionics and is controlled by one single display and control unit. Thus, AMPS is perfectly suited for retrofit programmes of legacy aircraft.

"With the AMPS, the Georgian VIP helicopters have a highly effective self-protection system which will increase their safety in a complex threat environment decisively", explained Bernhard Gerwert, CEO of EADS Defence Electronics.

The AMPS is based on the proven MILDS AN/AAR-60 missile warner which has been sold in more than 5,000 units worldwide. MILDS is an advanced, passive imaging sensor which detects and tracks the UV emissions of approaching missiles including the most prevalent threat of heat seeking shoulder launched Man Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS). The system provides full coverage, a low false alarm rate and maximum warning time to enable the deployment of countermeasures such as Flares. With a very low false alarm rate and fast detection combined with automatic initiation of countermeasures, MILDS AN/AAR-60 relieves the pilot’s workload in time-critical situations and ensures the safe return of both crew and aircraft. A version for fighter aircraft is under development.

In the field of electronic self-protection and missile warning, EADS Defence Electronics is involved in the defensive aids systems of the Eurofighter, the A400M transport aircraft and the Tiger and NH90 helicopters.

EADS Defence Electronics is the Group´s Sensors, Avionics and Electronic Warfare House and is an integrated part of the EADS Defence & Security Systems Division (DS). With revenues of about EUR 5.6 billion in 2005 and roughly 23,000 employees across ten nations, EADS Defence & Security Systems (DS) forms the defence and security pillar within EADS.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2005, EADS generated revenues of EUR 34.2 billion and employed a workforce of about 113,000.


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