Agreement on Delivery of 25 Antonov-140-100 Airplanes Has Been Signed
(Source: Antonov Aeronautical Scientific/Technical Complex; dated July 18, web-posted July 24, 2006)
On July 18, 2006, at the International Air Show Farnborough-2006, Ilyushin Finance Co. (IFC) leasing company and Aviacor – Samara Aviation Plant JSC signed the agreement on delivery and operational support of Antonov-140-100 turboprop airplanes. According to this agreement Aviacor will deliver to the 25 of such aircraft within 5 years.

Yakutia airlines became the first operator of the Russian-assembled Antonov-140-100. Till the end of 2006, Samara Aviation Plant plans to deliver two more Antonov-140-100s to this customer. Besides the above-mentioned aircraft, Yakutia expressed its intension to purchase 5 more airplanes of such type. This order is realized by another Russian leasing company – FLC.

Thus, at present, Aviacor has the orders to produce 32 of Antonov-140-100 aircraft.

The Antonov-140 new regional aircraft is intended for passenger and mixed cargo/passenger transportation. Antonov-140 is the substitute for the Antonov-24 aircraft that has been operated already for about forty years.

The CIS Interstate Aviation Committee Air Register has issued the Certificate of Type to Antonov-140 and its modification Antonov-140-100 on April 25, 2000. The Antonov-140-100 aircraft differs from the prototype with the bigger wingspan. The Аntonov-140 has passed the complete cycle of the Certification Test procedure.

Three flying prototypes and one aircraft for the structural on-ground testing were used. The test flights have been conducted at all climatic areas and ambient temperatures ranging from 55°С below zero to 45°С above zero and also at the mountain airfields up to 2,500 m height above the sea level.

The aircraft’s series production has been expanded at the Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Ukraine) and HESA plant (Isfahan, Iran) as well as at the Aviacor – Samara Aviation Plant JSC (Russian Federation).

At present, Antonov-140-type aircraft are operated by airlines of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia.


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