Alcatel Alenia Space Wins a Contract for German Armed Forces' Satcom BW Satellites
(Source: Alcatel; issued Sept. 4, 2006)
PARIS --- Alcatel Alenia Space today announced that it has been granted a satellite contract for the next step of the German Armed Forces' satellite communications program Satcom BW Stufe 2 by EADS Astrium, the space segment prime contractor.

The contract calls for the design, the manufacturing and the integration of two military satellites.

Based on the Spacebus 3000B architecture from Alcatel Alenia Space, Satcom BW geostationary multi-missions satellites will be fitted with payloads including Super-High-Frequency (SHF), Ultra-High-Frequency (UHF) and Ku-band transponders from EADS SPACE. With a launch mass of approximately 2.5 tons and a power of 3.5 kW, the Satcom BW satellites are scheduled for delivery end of 2008, and due to start services early 2009 with an operational lifetime of 15 years.

Satcom BW military communications satellites are key to the effectiveness of the German Armed Forces, and will provide the Bundeswehr with a secured multimedia network, ensuring continuous links between the political and military authorities and deployed units around the world. Satcom BW satellites will provide services over a region stretching from the Americas to Eastern Asia.

Pascale Sourisse, President and CEO of Alcatel Alenia Space noted: "Our company was strongly involved in this bid right from the beginning, together with EADS Astrium. We have a long-standing track record with the German authorities, as we already provided the SAR-Lupe military radar instrument. This contract demonstrates our competencies in building small to large-sized satellite platforms, positioning Alcatel Alenia Space as a leading reference in the defense market. Satcom BW is the sixth telecommunications satellite ordered from us this year."

The overall contract was awarded by the Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology of the Bundeswehr (IT-AmtBw) to MilSat Services GmbH - a company owned by EADS Space Services and ND SatCom - and comprises the space segment, several fixed and transportable ground stations of various sizes as well as a bundle of communication services.

As the prime contractor the French Syracuse as well as the Italian Sicral and Cosmo-SkyMed systems, Alcatel Alenia Space is the European leader in space defense networks, providing solutions covering telecommunication, observation, navigation and early warning applications. Our references also comprise the telecommunications satellites Koreasat-5 (South Korea) and Star One C1 & C2 (Brazil), as well as the observation instruments for Helios 2 and Pleiades (France), Sar-Lupe (Germany), Kompsat 5 (South Korea), the satellites for the Spirale early warning demonstrator (France) as well as the Eavesdropping intelligence Cerise and Clementine satellites (France).

Alcatel Alenia Space is the European leader in satellite systems, at the forefront of orbit infrastructures. Created in July 2005, the company brings together the vast experience and know-how of Alcatel Space and Alenia Spazio to form a new leading force in European space technology. Alcatel Alenia Space represents a worldwide standard for space development that impacts everybody's future: from navigation to telecommunications, from meteorology to environmental monitoring, from defense to science and observation. Alcatel Alenia Space is an affiliate of Alcatel (67%) and Finmeccanica (33%).


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