Norwegian Frigate with Lockheed Martin's SPY-1F Aegis Combat System Successfully Completes First Missile Firing and Engagement
(Source: Lockheed Martin; issued Sept. 13, 2006)
MOORESTOWN, N.J. --- The Norwegian frigate F-310 Fridtjof Nansen successfully intercepted its target during the first live missile firing test of its Lockheed Martin-developed SPY-1F Aegis Weapon System today in the North Atlantic.

During the test, the ship's SPY-1F Aegis Weapon System detected, tracked and engaged the unmanned target with an Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM). The ESSM firing was part of the first-of-class ship's sea acceptance testing now underway off the coast of Norway, which was supported by representatives and engineers from the U.S. Navy, Lockheed Martin and Kongsberg Defense.

"Delivering performance at the defining moment is what gives Aegis- equipped navies confidence, and through this test, the SPY-1F Aegis Weapon System made its mark with the Royal Norwegian Navy," said Orlando Carvalho, vice president and general manager at Lockheed Martin's Surface-Sea Based Missile Defense line of business. "With the Fridtjof Nansen and the four ships that will follow in this class, the Royal Norwegian Navy will have a proven, world-class system."

Today's missile firing is the latest milestone for the five ship Norwegian New Frigate program. The Fridtjof Nansen was formally commissioned at Navantia's shipyard in Ferrol, Spain, in April. In June, Lockheed Martin completed factory production of the fifth, and final, SPY-1F Aegis Weapon System to be installed on F-314, Thor Heyerdahl.

The SPY-1F radar is designed to provide high performance surveillance, detection and tracking, and operate with the ESSM and Standard Missile 2. Lockheed Martin is responsible for system integration of the multi-mission Integrated Warfare System, including sensors, command and control, communications and weapons, for the Fridtjof Nansen-class frigates.

The five ships of the Norwegian New Frigate program represent a great example of successful international teamwork and industry partnership, including Navantia shipbuilding in Spain, Kongsberg Defense in Norway and more than a dozen other key suppliers worldwide.

The Aegis Weapon System is the world's premier naval surface defense system. The Aegis Weapon System includes the SPY-1 radar, the Navy's most advanced computer-controlled radar system. When paired with the MK-41 Vertical Launching System, it is capable of delivering rapid reaction time and simultaneous firepower for every mission and threat environment in naval warfare.

The Aegis Weapon System is currently deployed on 80 ships around the globe, with more than 25 additional ships planned. In addition to the U.S. Navy and Norway, Aegis is the maritime weapon system of choice for Australia, Japan, South Korea and Spain.

Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Lockheed Martin employs about 135,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.


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