Army Materiel Command Stands Up Army Sustainment Command
(Source: US Army; issued Sept. 22, 2006)
Gen. Benjamin S. Griffin, commanding general, U.S. Army Materiel Command, hosted a ceremony Sept. 22 standing-up the U.S. Army Sustainment Command at Rock Island Arsenal, Ill. The newest of AMC’s major subordinate commands was created by transforming U.S. Army Field Support Command, an event that represents a major cultural shift in AMC’s support to the field Army.

“This is a great day for our Army,” said Griffin. “The Army Sustainment Command is AMC’s face to the field, designed to better support the operational Army both in CONUS and forward deployed around the world. We’ve incorporated lessons learned from Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Korea and within the U.S. to build an organization which incorporates maintenance, acquisition, research and development, contingency contracting and materiel management…all incorporating logistical support.”

Maj. Gen. Jerome Johnson, commanding general of the newly formed Army Sustainment Command, stressed the significance of the new command. “Our mission is clear-cut and crucial: improve Soldier support at the tactical level," he said. “With our Field Support and Contingency Contracting Brigades spanning the globe, we are fused to the field Army. For the first time in one command, we're providing Soldiers a direct line to the strategic capabilities of the life-cycle management commands, program managers, research agencies and manufacturers. With faster communication comes rapid research solutions, quicker acquisition and faster delivery to the battlefield. Our team is - on the line - sustaining, maintaining and accounting for materiel, freeing Soldiers to fight with better equipment to protect them and be more lethal to our enemies."

In addition to continuing the missions of the former Army Field Support Command, including Army Prepositioned Stocks management, administration of the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program and operating the Logistics Assistance Program, the ASC has added critical missions to support the Army Force Generation process. Key emerging ASC missions include Reset synchronization, distribution and materiel management services, contingency contracting and training equipment management.

Seven deployable Army Field Support Brigades are assigned to the ASC. The AFSBs provide the ASC with a single command structure in strategic locations around the world including Iraq, Kuwait, Korea, and Europe as well as in the U.S. at Forts Bragg, Lewis and Hood. The AFSBs connect acquisition, contracting, research and industrial capabilites to the field Army.

The ASC serves as the Army’s operational logistics organization responsible for integrating logistics support with joint and strategic partners and is the linchpin that links the national sustainment base with the expeditionary Army.


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