ATR Announces a Contract for 4 New ATR 72-500 Aircraft
(Source: EADS; issued Sept. 28, 2006)
BARCELONA --- The regional aircraft manufacturer ATR announced today the sale of four new ATR 72-500s that will be operated by NAYSA, a regional operator based in the Canary Islands. The announcement has been made at the European Regions Airlines Association annual meeting currently being held in Barcelona. The total value of the contract is about $ 71 million.

The four new ATR aircraft will be delivered between 2008 and 2009 and will be equipped with the new “Elegance Cabin” and with newest technological innovations in the field of communications and navigation aid tools.

Commenting on the sale, Filippo Bagnato, ATR CEO said: “We are really pleased to add a new costumer to our large base of 125 operators around the world. The ATR 72-500 has been very successful for many years in the Canary Islands and will be used for interisland shuttle operations. With this sale, ATR has logged 56 sales since the beginning of the year. 2006 is confirming the strong market for turboprop aircraft.”

NAYSA is currently operating Beech 1900 aircraft and judged the ATR 72-500 the most adapted aircraft for their network based upon its superior comfort and low operating costs. Furthermore, with the new ATR 72-500 NAYSA would develop its already existing commercial agreement with Binter Canarias on some inter-island connexions.

From the beginning of the year, ATR has received orders for 56 new aircraft, some of them not yet unveiled. Since the beginning of the programme, ATR has sold 834 aircraft (401 ATR 42s and 433 ATR 72s).

The ATR 72-500 is the latest development of the ATR 72 with a proven average dispatch reliability of more than 99.6%. This version shares the same power-plant, six-bladed propellers, the same interior design and soundproofing techniques of the 50-seat ATR 42-500, thus offering a family of aircraft with excellent comfort and passenger appeal. The ATR 72-500, offering capacity from 68 to 74 seats, has the lowest seat mile costs and is recognised as a benchmark for the regional market. The increased power and aerodynamic refinements provide excellent take-off and landing performance.

The advanced six-blade propeller provides remarkably low outside noise levels and the ATR aircraft have a large margin with regard to Chapter IV (ICAO) noise regulations, effective 1st January 2006. Low fuel burn and gaseous emissions contribute to make the ATR environment friendly.

NAYSA (Canarian Navigation and Aerial Services) was founded in 1969 under the name of Aereal News, and is the oldest private airline in Spain. NAYSA has agreements with Binter Canarias to operate in Wet Lease regimes and routes of low density. In addition, it continues with its operations of aero taxis, ambulance flights and crew transfers of companies as well as with its cargo operations.

Toulouse, Southern France-based regional aircraft manufacturer ATR is the world leader in the 50 to 70-seat turboprop market. In 2005, ATR posted a turnover of $542 million. ATR is an equal partnership between Alenia Aeronautica (Finmeccanica group) and EADS. ATR is certified ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q 9001:2000 and EN/AS/JISQ 9100, the worldwide quality standard in the field of aeronautics.


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