EADS Delivers Germany's First A310 Multi-Role Tanker Transport Equipped with New Mission Avionics for Aerial Refueling
(Source: EADS North America; issued June 14, 2007)
ARLINGTON, Va. --- EADS has delivered the first of four German Air Force A310 Multi-Role Tanker Transports (MRTT) outfitted and certified with a new military mission avionics package.

This milestone helps clear the way for the A310 MRTTs' allocation to the NATO Reaction Forces, where the aircraft will support a full range of aerial refueling and transport needs for Germany and NATO allies. It follows EADS' delivery of the first of two similarly-equipped A310 multi-role airlifters to the Canadian Forces.

"EADS has once again demonstrated its ability to provide highly capable, mission-ready aircraft for the most demanding military aerial refueling and transport missions," said EADS North America Chairman and CEO Ralph D. Crosby, Jr. "The German and Canadian A310 MRTTs will be joined in the future by EADS' KC-30/A330 MRTT - which already has been selected by Australia, Britain and the United Arab Emirates, and is being proposed by the Northrop Grumman/EADS team for the recapitalization of the U.S. Air Force's aging tanker inventory."

Both the German and Canadian A310 MRTTs carry a pair of underwing hose and drogue refueling pods, and are configured to provide tanker support for probe-equipped military aircraft. A refueling operator's station is located in the cabin behind the cockpit.

Equipment incorporated in the newly-installed avionics package includes a mission computer subsystem for planning and in-flight management of refueling missions (towline and trail missions), as well as a digital TACAN with air-to-air and beacon functions, plus digital V/UHF and DF for communications/navigation. The integrated radio suite is managed by a digital centralized radio control system.

The German Air Force operates a total of seven A310s, four of which are allocated for tanker and airlift duties, while the other three are utilized in passenger and VIP transport roles. They are assigned to the Flugbereitschaft BMVg (Special Wing Command) at Cologne Bonn Airport.

Canada has five A310 transports (designated the CC-150 Polaris), two of which are configured for the multi-role tanker transport mission. The fleet is stationed near Lake Ontario at the Canadian Forces' 437 Transport Squadron, 8 Wing/Trenton. These A310s carry troops, cargo, and government officials, and have served in United Nations, Red Cross and NATO initiatives - including operations in Afghanistan.

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