Heron TP (Turbo Prop) Sets New Standard in the UAV Field
(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued June 14, 2007)
IAI’s Heron TP medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV was developed for the Israeli Ministry of Defence, and is now ready for production. (IAI photo)
PARIS AIR SHOW --- MALAT, a Division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), lifts up the veil from its largest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) yet, the Heron TP Medium Altitude Long Endurance MALE UAV Platform.

The Heron TP sets a new standard in mission envelope, payload capability, versatility and system reliability.

Heritage of more than 350,000 UAV flight hours, 30 years of operational experience and 34 customers were implemented in the design and the development of the Heron TP.

“The new Heron TP incorporates front end technologies to meet the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) operational needs” says Mr. Itzhak Nissan, IAI’s president & CEO.

Designed as a Multi-payload, Multi-mission platform to answer the requirements of the Israeli Air Force, the HERON TP presents a versatile, robust, “all weather “capability.

“The Heron TP is a breakthrough in the field of Unmanned Air Vehicles and will execute a large variety of operational missions” said senior officer of the Israeli Air Force.

The HERON TP, as suggested by its name, is powered by a powerful 1,200 hp Turbo-Prop engine, offering an operational altitude above commercial traffic of 45,000 ft with full mission payload.

The Max Take off weight is 4650 Kg, wing span of 26 meter, and it can loiter for 36 hours.

The Heron TP keeps the twin boom principle offering a large internal volume available for payloads, with a typical mission payload weight of 1,000 kg and high flexibility to change payloads /missions.

“A large emphasis has been put on the Airworthiness of the Heron TP. The highest safety and reliability measurements ,as triple redundancy and fully Automated Take Off and Landing were imbedded in the Heron TP, enabling it to fly safely also over urban areas” says , Mr. Yair Dubester , General Manager of MALAT Division

Developed in the framework of an Israeli Ministry Of Defence (IMOD) program, several UAV’s were already manufactured and tested and it is ready now for serial production.

MALAT, through extensive international teaming, manages comprehensive system development, integration and manufacturing of UAV systems that fulfill the interoperability, commonality, and connectivity requirements that users anticipate. Consequently, MALAT has become an acknowledged UAV brand name, with more than 30 years of operational experience in system development, integration, manufacturing, providing integrated logistics support, depot maintenance and technical assistance to fielded operational systems.


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