DCNS Displays PA2 Aircraft Carrier Project for French Navy and Advanced Systems (Hall 6 - Stand B3)
(Source: DCNS; issued June 15, 2007)
DCNS, the European leader in naval defence systems, is at the 2007 Paris Air Show — at the Paris-Le Bourget showgrounds from 18 to 24 June — to showcase its products and services. Drawing on proven expertise in naval air arm systems, DCNS delivers solutions tailored to the precise needs of client armed forces.

- Increased industrial cooperation for PA2

The DCNS stand casts the spotlight on the French PA2 aircraft carrier project to be undertaken in cooperation with the United Kingdom.

The PA2, with its combat aircraft and highly integrated combat system, is essential to France’s full-time carrier capability. The vessel will carry a 40-aircraft air wing comprising Rafale combat aircraft, Hawkeye surveillance aircraft and NH90 heavy helicopters. NATO L11, L16 and L22 tactical datalinks will enable a Hawkeye early warning aircraft to relay tactical situation data in real time to naval units and combat aircraft.

Design work is proceeding as an industrial cooperation project benefiting from ever closer collaboration between France and the UK. Over the last two years, DCNS has made steady progress on pre-development studies in liaison with British contractors. DCNS remains committed to Franco-British cooperation and the prospects it offers for shared savings and contract finalisation over the coming months.

- Coherent, flexible capabilities in information systems

The command and control of military air-sea and air-land operations hinge on the high-speed processing of enormous quantities of data from a variety of sensors. In the broad area encompassing combat systems, command information systems and tactical datalinks, DCNS presents a variety of solutions meeting the operational needs of client armed forces. Displays include aircraft mission planning systems and mission systems for armed maritime patrol aircraft. All combine high performance, upgradeability and flexibility while meeting the most demanding customer needs at competitive prices.

Flight deck solutions are critical to crew safety

DCNS is displaying a range of flight deck solutions contributing to safe helicopter operations from approach to stowage. These solutions include landing grids to secure a helo to the deck and Samahé traversing systems. All are designed for use in severe weather and high sea states.

DCNS is also committed to the instruction and training of key categories of personnel using flight deck and airbase systems and equipment. DCNS-designed SESAME simulators are used to define, manage and control a simulated aircraft’s operational environment. In addition to geographical, weather and oceanographic data, these simulators display shipping, warships and submarines. Continuously updating ensures that all targets move appropriately and all sensors (including sonars) offer coherent performance.

The DCNS group is a leading European player on the world market for naval defence systems. To meet customer demands for more comprehensive and integrated systems, DCNS acts as prime contractor for naval shipbuilding, integration and support by combining its own development, marketing and production capabilities with those of selected partners. To manage the complexity of such projects, DCNS draws on in-house expertise in naval architecture, systems engineering, ship assembly and integration and equipment design and production as well as through-life support. DCNS employs 13,300 people and generates annual revenues of around EUR 3 billion.


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