Budget Committee Approves Procurement of Four Frigates of the Class 125
(Source: German Ministry of Defence; dated June 20, 2007)
(Issued in German only; unofficial translation by defense-aerospace.com)
BERLIN --- The budget committee of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag), in its current meeting, approved the conclusion of a contract for the construction, building and supply of four frigates of the class 125.

The Type 125 frigate (F 125) differs substantially from the existing frigates and is intended as a substantial component for the new armed forces category of the stabilization forces.

The F 125 is intended for multinational and joint military operations in the end of the spectrum of peace-stabilizing measures appropriate to middle intensity and long duration.

Apart from maritime stabilization operations, the F125 is particularly suited for defense against asymmetrical threats, tactical fire support of troops ashore, the support of special forces and the support of evacuation operations. The F125 thus constitutes a substantial step in the transformation of the German Federal Armed Forces, and the navy’s reorientation.

With a comparatively small crew of approximately 120 men, the F125 will be able to fulfill this broad mission spectrum thanks to consistent technical innovations and a design based on the intensive use concept.

According to present plans, the four F 125 frigates will enter service in the middle of the next decade.

The main contractor is the BAD F 125 consortium, consisting of the companies ThyssenKrupp Naval Systems and Friedrich Luerssen Werft shipyards. The participation of Peene-Werft shipyard in the manufacturing phase a been agreed.

The F125 project contributes considerably to the maintaining military engineering core abilities in Germany and will secures approx. 500 jobs in direct manufacturing, as well as a further 300 jobs in supporting industry.

The portion of the orders intended for German-based companies is 87 % of the complete order value.


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