First China-Made A319 Wing Box Delivered to Airbus
(Source: Airbus; issued July 26, 2007)
The first Airbus A319 wing box made in China was delivered today to Airbus by Xi’an Aircraft Company (XAC), a subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC I). The wing box will be dispatched to the Airbus site at Broughton in the UK for equipping with systems and further work.

With a dimension of 16.67m x 4.2m x 1.0m and a weight of 3,500 kg per wing, the wing box is the largest Airbus aircraft component ever produced by a Chinese aviation manufacturer. It also highlights the high level of Airbus’ commitment to its industrial cooperation programme with the Chinese aviation industry.

The delivery of the first Chinese wing box for the A320 family aircraft marks a significant milestone in the A320 family aircraft wing cooperation programme between Airbus and China. Xi’an Aircraft Company is scheduled to ramp up the production of the wing box to four shipsets a month by the end of 2009. With the continuing strong demand for the A320 family aircraft, XAC represents additional capacity to Airbus’ wing production in Broughton, UK.

“The successful delivery of the first A319 wing box is a historical milestone and a great achievement, which marks a step forward of the industrial cooperation between us and Airbus”, said Gao Dacheng, President of Xi’an Aircraft Company.

“The delivery of the first A319 wing box reaffirms Airbus’ commitment to the development of a meaningful partnership with China’s aviation industry. It reflects the combined effort of both the XAC and the Airbus teams to produce the whole basic wing structure here in China”, said Laurence Barron, Airbus Senior Vice President and Airbus China President. “I am confident Airbus and our Chinese partners will be able to achieve an even higher level of mutually beneficial cooperation in the future”, he added.

Airbus has a long cooperation history with the Chinese aviation industry, with wing ribs having been manufactured and successfully delivered from Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) since the 1980’s. In addition, the Airbus (Beijing) Engineering Centre was inaugurated in July 2005 and today houses more than 100 engineers. Airbus has proposed up to 5 per cent of the A350XWB outsourced airframe work to the Chinese Aviation Industry. On 28th June 2007, the joint venture contract for the Airbus A320 Family Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Tianjin was signed between the Chinese Consortium and Airbus, which represents a significant next step of industrial cooperation between Airbus and China.

Airbus is an EADS company.


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