MTU Information
(Source: MTU Aero Engines; issued July 27, 2007)
In the MTU press release dated July 25, the company stated that it had received a $40M compensation payment from Airbus regarding delays in the A380 delivery schedule.

More precisely: MTU – as a member of the GP7000 consortium - did receive GP7000 program progress payments from the Engine Alliance for future product deliveries in order to compensate its working capital increase.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The relevant paragraph in MTU’s July 25 press release on its interim results stated:
On this new basis, MTU now expects to achieve a year-end free cash flow in the order of EUR 120 million. In addition to improvements in cash flow from operating activities, this revised estimate also includes a one-time prepayment agreed with Airbus to compensate for the impact of delays in the A380 delivery schedule.)


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