Cartagena Joins Fore and Aft Sections of the Second Scorpene Submarine for Malaysia
(Source: Navantia; dated July 24, web-posted July 27, 2007)
Navantia celebrated on 24th. July, at the Cartagena shipyard, the joining of the fore and aft sections of the second Scopene submarine that Navantia and DCNS are building together for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Admiral Mohamed Ali Tan Sri Ramlan,Chief of Navy has presided the event, as well as the president of Navantia, Juan Pedro Gómez Jaén, and two representatives of DCNS (President of Armaris and NAVFCO, Pierre Legros and Amiral Olhagaray)

The fore half, built in Cherbourg by DCNS arrived at Cartagena on the 16th. July, and was joined to the aft half, built by Navantia. Navantia will, as well, float and commission the submarine, scheduled for August 2008 and October 2009.

The contract for the construction of two “Scorpene” class submarines was signed on 5th. June 2002 between the Spanish-French consortium and the Royal Malaysian Navy. In this programme, Navantia builds the aft halves and DCN the bow halves, that will be assembled in Cherbourg (first unit) and in Cartagena (second unit).

The next milestone of the programme will be the floating of the first unit, that will take place next October in France (commissioning of this unit is scheduled for January 2009).

Main characteristics of the Scorpene are:
- Length: 67.56 m
- Hull diameter: 6.2 m
- Displacement surfaced: 1581 T
- Displacement submerged: 1740 T
- Maximum speed:
Submerged: 20,5 kn
Surfaced: 11 kn
- Autonomy: 45 days
- Crew: 31


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