Government Security and Defence Policy Report 2009
Source: Finland Office of the Prime Minister
Ref: ISSN 0783-1609; ISBN (PDF) 978-952-5807-31-8
Issued Feb. 5, 2009 in Finnish
142 pages in PDF format

The Government’s Security and Defence Policy Report 2009 is the latest in the series of Government Reports issued on the subject. The Report provides a comprehensive evaluation of Finnish security and defence policy and guidelines for the future extending into the latter half of the 2010s.
The Report begins with an overview of the international situation, followed by an appraisal of how its changes affect Finland. These are followed by guidelines for security and defence policy. The final chapter shows how these guidelines will be implemented to improve Finland’s security.
The Report also deals with global questions such as climate change, scarcity of energy and water resources and population movements. By definition, these do not constitute security threats per se to Finland but, if left unchecked, could cause widespread destruction or destabilise societies and escalate into violent conflicts, thereby adversely impacting security.
At the same time it is important to keep in mind that the use of military force for the attainment of political goals is still a possibility. This too is reflected in the assessment of Finland’s security environment.
This Report lays a foundation for all reports, strategies and programmes that the Government prepares on security and international relations. These include, inter alia, the Strategy for Securing the Functions Vital to Society and the Internal Security Programme, Government Report to Parliament on the Human Rights Policy of Finland, EU-related reports, the Development Policy Programme and the National Strategy for Civilian Crisis Management, the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Defence as well as the UN Strategy.

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