Resources on Kosovo Crisis
We have selected below a variety of Internet resources providing real-time (or frequently updated) news and information on the Kosovo crisis and on military operations, as well as the web sites of the actors of the crisis. Together, these resources should provide an up-to-date and balanced coverage of events - Editor.

Information Sources

International Security Network
Collection of links on security-related issues, including Kosovo crisis and other on-going conflicts.

BBC News
Includes Live coverage (radio and video), news stories and analysis, background information

Site on Kosovo crisis launched March 24 by company specializing in commercial intelligence.
Includes Situation Report, Timeline, Treaties, Maps, Order of Battle, Links

FAS Kosovo Report
Federation of American Scientists: Target Kosovo
Includes U.S. Order of Battle, U.S. Military Aircraft, Smart Weapons, Serbian Air defense Forces, Cloud Cover and Regional Weather Reports, Operation Deliberate Force, etc.

News stories and background information on Kosovo crisis.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting
News stories from the Institute's own correspondents in the region, in English, Serbo-Croat and Albanian.

Int'l Crisis Group
International Crisis Group: Kosovo Page
Compendium of press releases, with some news stories.

Balkan Media & Policy Monitor
digest of news & analysis digest

Official National and International Organizations

OSCE : Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe


US State Dept. Kosovo page

Serbian Ministry of Information
Operated by Albanian students and professionals.
Includes Time Line, news stories, chronology of events, human rights and war crimes evidence.

Kosovo Information Centre

Yugoslav federal government
Official Statements

Daily Kosovo Update
From US Congress Armed Services Committee


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