Gripen Exceeds 130 000 Flight Hours
(Source: Gripen International; issued November 26, 2009)
The Gripen fleet has now flown more than 130 000 hours. Gripen is in operational service in the Czech, Hungarian, South African and Swedish Air Forces and is also flown by the Empire Test Pilot School (ETPS).

The Swedish Air Force is the largest operator of Gripen and their first Gripen Squadron was declared operational in 1997. The Czech Air Force took deliveries of their Gripen C/D in 2005, followed by the Hungarian Air Force in 2006. Deliveries to the South African Air Force began in 2008 and are ongoing.

Included in the total number of flight hours is also the test flights made by the Saab Flight Test Department in Linköping, Sweden. Gripen C/D is being developed continuously with new equipment and software and the Gripen NG Demonstrator is also being test flown.

First Gripen C to pass 1 000 hours

The Swedish Air Force took Gripen C/D in service in 2005. Gripen number 39210 became the first Gripen C to pass 1000 flight hours, which happened earlier this month. The aircraft is being operated by the F 17 Wing in Ronneby and is maintained by the 171st Aircraft Maintenance Company.


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