Minister for Defence Materiel – Projects of Concern Summit
(Source: Australian Department of Defence; issued Nov. 19, 2012)
Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare today begins a two-day summit involving meetings with senior Defence officials and CEOs of companies that have projects on the Projects of Concern list.

In February 2011 Mr Clare committed to holding biannual face-to-face meetings with industry and Defence.

The first round of meetings was held in February 2011, the second round in September 2011, followed by a third round in April 2012.

“The purpose of these meetings is simple – to make sure there is focus from the top of Government, Defence and industry to remediate these projects,” Mr Clare said.

“It ensures that the senior Defence and industry people responsible for these projects are doing everything necessary to remediate them.

“The Projects of Concern list was cut in half from 12 projects to six in late 2011. This demonstrates that the Projects of Concern process works.

“It brings the right people together and focuses them on getting these projects back on track and off the list.”

On 29 June 2011, Mr Clare and Minister for Defence Stephen Smith announced a range of reforms to strengthen the Projects of Concern system.

These reforms included:
-- the establishment of a more formal process for adding projects to the list;
-- the establishment of a formal process for removing projects from the list;
-- the development of agreed remediation plans, including formal milestones for the removal of a project from the list; and
-- increased Ministerial involvement and oversight of the process.

Since the Projects of Concern process began in 2008, 19 projects have been listed as Projects of Concern. Since then, 13 of those have been removed with a total value of over $10 billion – 11 due to remediation and two due to cancellation.

The current Projects of Concern list is below.


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