Test Firing on the Request of FXM
(Source: FXM; issued Nov. 19, 2012)
At the beginning of November, defence company BAE Systems carried out test-firing with its new naval gun, the 40-mm Mark IV, from the Swedish Navy vessel, HMS Jägaren. The test firing was undertaken by the Swedish Armed Forces on the request of FXM.

The task of FXM is to support company exports that benefit Swedish defence. In this case, a request came from BAE Systems for permission to use a Swedish Navy vessel for test firing. FXM examines on the one hand, whether Swedish defence benefits from commissioning the Swedish Armed Forces to perform a task, and on the other, whether the Swedish Armed Forces is able to perform the task in purely practical terms.

For Swedish defence, there is an advantage in an increasing number of countries using BAE guns, since costs are reduced if more purchase them, it is cheaper to keep spare parts and further development costs are shared among the users. Since the Swedish Armed Forces were also able to undertake the test firing, FXM commissioned the Swedish Navy with the task.

The Mark IV is the most recently produced naval gun from Bofors. It is a comparatively light weight weapon that is suitable for smaller vessels, and is based on technology from the gun in the Combat Vehicle 90. There is great international interest in it, and the firing from the Swedish Navy vessel is an important part of verifying the weapon in preparation for potential customers


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